From Storyboard to Screen... and Beyond

Artists International Media, Inc. is a full-service motion picture/television production company specializing in the creation of original material for both the big and the small screen. AIM also offers a wide variety of creative services to our clients in need of talent, experience, and professionalism with the knowledge and technological resources to help them get from story-board to screen.

As our name suggests, AIM is truly international in scope having traveled to a multitude of different countries to produce media. We have also worked with a variety of clients from around the world who have sought us out.

What We Do

Whether you are a major studio looking for producing partners, a television network looking for content, or a corporate entity in need of new material, AIM has over 30 years of industry experience and the innovative expertise to realize even the most demanding projects.

The creative team at Artists International Media is acutely aware of the delicate balance between the art and the business of the entertainment, corporate, and educational industries. Client satisfaction is a top priority. Bringing the project in on time and on budget is our specialty.