Film And Television Production Services

At Artists International Media, we not only create original material, we are also a “gun-for-hire.” AIM can accommodate clients no matter what their needs or projects. Through our production services group, we can take a project from a raw idea to a polished piece of cinematic art. That includes writing, directing, production management, talent management, post-production and deliverables.

If you want to originate on film, we have the skills and the experience to capture the magic. Yes, we still shoot on film. Nothing yet compares for truly awe-inspiring images.

Perhaps digital cinema capture is more to your liking and/or budget. Whether it’s Panavision, Arri, Red, Sony, or the “latest-greatest,” our DPs and cinematographers can make it look great!

No matter the need, from an ENG crew to a feature film, AIM can provide talent and expertise to create, capture, and deliver whatever your imagination can conceive.

In the world of corporate production, tech is king. Given the constant need for production within the corporate culture of the tech industry, Artists International Media has made serving that sector a specialty. From the startups to the Fortune 1000 tech giants, we speak tech. Whatever your production needs, chances are we’ve done it, like these areas for example:

  • General Sales & Marketing
  • Product Rollout
  • Internal & Public Conventions
  • Regional, National & Global Conferences
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Website & Social Media Content
  • Training (both internal and consumer)

If you have video production needs, AIM can provide your organization with the highest quality production available. If you want video assets, but don’t know exactly what will serve you or your company’s respective needs best, let’s have that conversation. Artists International Media can help you tailor media production to suit your needs and budget. Remember, we speak tech and our tech speaks for itself. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Some of Our Tech Friends


Noun /kəˈmərSHəl/

(of television or radio) a broadcast advertisement.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, commercials are still an important aspect of the broadcast landscape. Artists International Media’s award winning commercial production group actively creates and produces commercial content for broadcast, new media and corporate applications. Whether it is a short form thirty second spot, a full sixty second piece or a long form narrative like infomercials, AIM is a one-stop shop. We even do full campaigns for those who want to stretch their presence cohesively over a designated period of time. AIM can take a project from concept to completion. We can work with an idea from a client or execute a fully developed script. The result will be a product that will generate results as well as a few oohs and aahs.

Full Commercial Samples

High end features, destination cinema, technology and science, what do all of these have in common? They all rely on specialty format production. For most of these films, IMAX is the format of choice. The unsurpassed quality and clarity of IMAX film makes it the choice of many discriminating producers, directors and industry professionals. To take in an IMAX film is as close to total immersion as we currently have. Specialty format film relies on a team of highly trained professionals who know how to shoot and edit this type of media. IMAX is expensive so it has to be handled in a way to maximize the client’s budget while staying true to the material.

Artists International Media has such a team! They are ready to make your IMAX dreams a reality, including bringing in the production on budget. If your project is IMAX, let the professionals at AIM show you the possibilities.

Like all other aspects of the motion picture industry, specialty formats are ever changing with advancements in technology. This can pose a definite challenge to anyone who is looking to create a specialty format film. Does your project require 70mm IMAX film or are you looking for something more along the lines of Digital IMAX? There is also IMAX 3D in both film and digital formats to consider. Artists International Media can help you navigate all the complexities filming specialty formatted projects.

If your production team is in place, but you need skilled craftsmen to handle the technical side of your project. Artists International Media can handle that as well. Let us help make your specialty format film an unqualified success.