The Professional Actors Workshop enjoys a rich lineage that derives in an unbroken line from the great actor trainers of the mid-twentieth century such as Lee Strasbourg’s Actors Studio and Sir Lawrence Olivier at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. It is this connection that makes the Professional Actors Workshop (PAW) a premier experience in the acting arena.

The critical link between these initiators of modern cinematic acting and the Professional Actors Workshop today was the Film and Television workshop of the late Tad Danielewski, Emmy award winning writer-producer-director for NBC in New York, ABC in Los Angeles, Broadway director, and filmmaker in Europe, Asia, and America. It is here that the Professional Actors Workshop began.

In the spring of 1989, Danielewski began the transition of the workshop to one of his students, Lance Williams, who had trained under him for many years. Williams started teaching actors for the film and television markets in 1990. Danielewski’s work and legacy continue under the watchful eye of Williams’ stewardship. When you join the Professional Actors Workshop today, you not only partake of this legacy, you become part of it. You will accept the challenges. You will receive the benefits. It‘s not for the faint of heart.  Lance teaches what Tad taught – there is always room at the top.

The Professional Actors Workshop has always existed to train and support talented individuals in the craft of acting for television and motion pictures. That tradition continues today. It offers only the finest in instruction from professionals who actively work in the business.