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March 2020


By | Omega Concepts

Before there was Siskel and Ebert, there was Premiere. Taking an objective look at films past and present, Premiere provided a comp- rehensive look at what Holly- wood was dishing out. Films were analyzed, scrutinized, and categorized to help the moviegoing public be better informed before venturing out to the theatre.

Scrap Attack

By | Omega Concepts

Page designs, dye cuts, buttons, and embellishments; all in the quest for the perfect scrapbook. Who knew? Scrap Attack was a fun and interesting look at the world of scrapbooking, featuring products and the people who created and used them. From marathon scrap- booking parties to the latest and greatest innovations in products and materials, Scrap Attack brought it all home.

Space Odyssey

By | Omega Concepts

Space Odyssey was designed to capitalize on the public’s insatiable appetite for all things NASA, especially the shuttle program. The series followed the shuttle missions and the amazing advancements of NASA’s long-term goals for the US space program.

Junk Chic

By | Omega Concepts

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” perfectly describes Junk Chic. Interior designer extra- ordinaire, Kathryn Elliott, showed the world how to transform ordinary junk into a designer home, proving a success with consumers and was wildly entertaining in the process.

Hooked on Aerobics

By | Omega Concepts

Building on the success of Hooked on Aerobics, this half hour exercise program took the viewer a step further with full fitness workouts, nutrition tips, and healthy living conditioning. Hooked on Fitness was like having your own personal trainer, right in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

Housing The American Dream

By | Omega Concepts

One of the first home shows that helped launch an entire sub-genre, Housing the American Dream pioneered new ground in both the TV and building industries. An entire project was followed from beginning to end in an unprecedented format, allowing the viewer to experience all aspects of the building project.