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Fielder’s Choice

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Not all the lessons of life are learned in the way you think they will be. Some of them come out of left field. Others only show up late in the game, or when you least expect them.

John Fielder had the perfect life, the perfect family, and a surefire shot at the perfect season until fate threw him a curveball. Sometimes it comes down to a choice. This one is Fielder’s.

Ticket To Heaven

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A simple favor goes terribly awry in this heartwarming look at just how much opposites do attract. The sleepy bedroom community of Boise, Idaho will never be the same again.

What starts out as a simple, but very long, ride on an amusement park Ferris Wheel turns into the ride of a lifetime, and a ticket to heaven.

Summer of the Eagle

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A summer camp prank that goes explosively wrong sends Vince, Dewey, and Gunner into the rugged wilderness to escape the law that must surely be following them.

This coming of age story reflects the journey so many take to try and under- stand their place in the world. It is the perfect blend of comedy and action, with a touch of young romance.

The Creator’s Game

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In the world of collegiate sports, football reigns supreme unless you’re Daniel Cloud, an Iroquois Indian with a natural gift for lacrosse. The only thing is, his team hasn’t won a game yet.

As coach of his team, Daniel has to teach a bunch of misfits to play the Creator’s Game. Only then can they overcome their personal obstacles to win on the field and in life.


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Sam Roberts thinks he has all the answers: the purpose for living, the meaning of love, the plan for a perfect future… that is, until a girl named Charly walks into his life.

Adapted from Jack Weyland’s best- selling novel Charly, the film is light- hearted, soul-searching and above all, a thoughtful journey of love, of laughter, and of hope.